Eat Healthily with Polar Gear

Licensed Polar Gear

Making the school run whilst out and about with kids a whole lot easier, fun, and keeping the occasion family-oriented with licensed Polar Gear products.

Polar Gear cool bags

Keep your food cool and fresh tasting with our range of Polar Gear cool bags with various sizes to suit the occasion whether it be for work, trips to the beach, picnics or family days out.

Polar Gear food flasks

Whilst out and about, make your meal times taste as good as when you are at home with our triple walled food flasks that keep you food hot for up to 6 hours.

Polar Gear travel mugsPolar Gear travel mugs

Enjoy Long-Lasting Warmth with Our Insulated Travel Mug

Your Hot Beverage Solution Our Polar Gear best insulated travel mug is specifically engineered to keep your drinks hot for extended periods, ensuring maximum satisfaction with every sip.

Ceramic Interior for Pure Flavor: Savor your favorite hot coffee without any metallic aftertaste, thanks to our high-quality ceramic lining.

Double-Wall Insulation for Ultimate Thermal Performance: Our advanced double-wall insulation technology eliminates heat transfer and prevents condensation, making it the perfect travel companion for coffee, tea, or any hot drink.