Ice Packs

Polar Gear Ice Packs Family size Ice Packs

Whether its taking lunch to work or school, or keeping your picnic fresh and your drinks nicely chilled, Polar Gear Ice keeps everything cooler for longer. Simply place them in the freezer overnight and for maximum effect just place these handy, versatile ice packs on top of your food as cold travel downwards.

We have two types of ice:

POLAR GEAR Soft Ice. We are proud to make our soft ice packs in the UK. These flexible packs come in a variety of useful sizes. Our mini ice packs are perfect for lunch bags and lunch boxes and can also be used to pack around food for transportation or catering. Our animal ice packs add that extra bit of fun and are the perfect companion for school packed lunches. Our family packs and bottle coolers are ideal for picnics and outings, keeping your food safer and your drinks cool and refreshing. All our ice products are produced to industry leading standards. Tested in individual batches, all our products are certified bacteria free and completely non-toxic.

POLAR GEAR Perma Frost. COMING SOON. These traditional hard ice packs come in several useful sizes, allowing you to seprate and keep products cool. These hard ice packs come with a colourful twist. Of course our hard ice packs also come certified bacteria free and no-toxic.

Polar Gear Penguin Ice Pack Polar Gear Ice Pack


Please Note. Although we clearly label all our ice products Do not swallow - this is not a drink we know that accidents can happen. From time to time we do get calls regarding contents that have been accidentally swallowed. We can reassure our customers that occasional, accidental ingesting of Polar Gear Ice contents will not cause harm.