Baby Food Coolers

Polar Gear Baby Booster Seat Little Ones Lunch Cooler Bag Pink by Baby Polar Gear

Baby Food Coolers by POLAR GEAR BABY® offers stylish yet practical products to help keep you and your young family on the move. The arrival of a new baby can suddenly mean a lot more gear to carry around! Polar Gear Baby products are designed to make carrying everything you need to feed your baby as easy as possible with practical bags, bottle warmers and lightweight booster seats.


'Classic Black'  A range of bottle and feeding bags, changing bag and booster seats

Age suitability: Use the bags from birth. Booster seat from 12m (or when your baby can sit up unaided)

'Little One's      Fun lunch bags for little ones when they reach weaning stage.

Lunch'              Carry all the food and drink you need for your little one's lunch!

Age suitability: Use from 6 months.