Aqua Grip 650ml Tritan Bottle Red


The extra-wide neck and screw top make for easy cleaning, filling and emptying of your drinks; whether you add ice cubes, water, or even fruit, this bottle has the capacity for it all. Great gift idea for keeping your loved ones cool and hydrated, and with no plastic taste, the BPA free bottle makes sure whatever drink you have tasted is fresh.


It’s only too easy to leave your water bottle somewhere when your day is busy. The integrated carry hoop gives you the option of attaching your Aqua Grip Tritan bottle to your bag for extra security or carrying on the go. With a contoured hardy body for extra grip, you'll never drop and break it either!


The hassle-free built-in straw can open the bottle with one finger, so it's a breeze to take a sip out of if you’re thirsty when working out or driving. There’s also no need to tip your head back when sipping so is great for keeping safe and not losing focus. When flipped down, the straw closes the lid, and the silicone band seals it, with no leakage.


Super lightweight at 120g with a detachable internal straw, you can pop in the drink of your choice and away you go. The bottle fits into most standard bike and car drink holders. This 650ml capacity bottle is made of Tritan (sturdy washable polypropylene plastic) and is perfect for reaching your daily hydration goals whether you are going to the gym, doing yoga, travelling or even relaxing in the hot tub.

Colour Red
Product Dimensions ‎7.2 x 9 x 23.5 cm
Capacity ‎650ml
Material ‎Durable BPA free plastic (Tritan)
Item Weight  117.93g

 aqua grip durable bpa free water bottle aqua grip durable bpa free water bottle

Polar Gear Aqua Grip Tritan Water Bottle 650ml

Polar Gear Aqua Grip Tritan Water Bottle 650ml 

Hydration all day every day with our sturdy reusable water bottles made from robust Tritan copolyester.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Investing in a quality reusable water bottle is the best way to ensure you keep drinking.

Polar Gear Aqua Grip water bottles go with you anywhere: on a run or long journey, in your bag on a day out, on your desk at work or school.

In a range of bold colours so you can identify yours with ease, these bottles are firm favourites with Polar Gear customers, and as they are a reusable alternative to disposable ones, the planet is impressed too!

  • Made from quality, BPA-free copolyester Tritan, manufactured by Eastman
  • Flip-up easy-flow drinking straw
  • Thumb and finger indents for a comfortable ergonomic hold
  • Carrying hook for smaller hands
  • 7.2 cm x 23 cm
  • 650ml capacity
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Variety of colours: black, berry and turquoise
polar gearpolar gear

Polar Gear has been designing durable, reusable food and drinks products for more than 20 years and produce a wide range of quality bottles and lunch accessories.

The Polar Gear Aqua Collection includes water bottles designed for the optimum drinking experience. Other popular items include our Aqua Curve collection, Fruit Infusers, Ice Sticks and Daily Water Trackers.



Polar Gear Aqua Grip Tritan Water Bottle 650ml

 aqua grip water bottle aqua grip water bottle

Polar Gear Aqua Grip Bottle

Made using only genuine Tritan from Eastman copolyester, this product is lighter than glass, with all the strength and rigidity needed for a high-performance drinks container.

The semi-transparent bottle allows you to keep track of your hydration, whether you’re drinking water, smoothies or juice.

We suggest not putting fizzy beverages in this bottle as the drink may fizz.

Can a water bottle be smart, fun, professional, neutral, safe, affordable, reusable and reliable all at the same time?

  • Yes. Put whatever you want to drink and live life happy and hydrated.
wide neck bottle for easy to clean and refill, fit different liquidwide neck bottle for easy to clean and refill, fit different liquid

Wide Screw Top Neck for Easy Cleaning and Filling

We’ve really thought of everything.

The screw top keeps your lid safely secured even if you choose to take the bumpy road home and integrates with the straw, which closes when not in use to provide a full seal.

Do you run daily, take walks in the woods, need a drink for work but want to avoid single-use plastics? Maybe the hot tub calls after a long hard day, perhaps your little cherub needs a sturdy bottle they can take to school and rely on not to leak on their science homework?

No nonsense. No leaks. No single-use plastics.

workout bottle with straw, easy to flip out and drinkworkout bottle with straw, easy to flip out and drink

Drinking Lid With Flip-up Straw

If you have a sugar-based juice or smoothie you can keep bugs away with the rigid press-up straw that is self-contained in the lid.

The straw can be opened easily with just one finger, so if you’re holding a child’s hand or have a phone call you simply can’t miss, you can still reach for your refreshment.

The smart design also includes an air intake valve just behind the straw (open only when the straw is in the drinking position), so that when drinking you will not experience any vacuuming.

You will be able to keep sipping away!

sport water bottle with carrying hoop, securely attach with your bagsport water bottle with carrying hoop, securely attach with your bag

Carrying Hook On Lid of Bottle

The neck of the bottle may be too wide for a child’s hand to carry, so the carrying hook enables them to zip around while keeping hold of their beverage.

The wide hoop will not irritate or rub, so if you enjoy hiking or travelling over long distances in rain or shine, the Aqua Grip range would be ideal for you too.